31 January 2018

When Sophistication meets the Ultimate Watch Complication

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Bulgari has always sought to magnify women and now adorns them with its most splendid watchmaking gems: the world’s thinnest repeater and a tourbillon both embodied in the Divas’ Dream collection. A first in the realm of the greatest complication of all that is generally more coveted by men.

Sensual, romantic and resolutely Roman, Divas’ Dream naturally evokes its roots in the Eternal City: its elegance recalls its proud heritage in the jewellery expertise of Bulgari, whose origins endow its approach with unique legitimacy. With these creations, however, the Maison is offering an authentically new watch in the sphere of feminine luxury watchmaking. Blending the essence of jewellery with the ultimate horological complication is a bold step that Bulgari has taken without hesitation. The result is on a par with the mastery acquired by the Maison in its two chosen fields.

Divas’ Dream Minute Repeater is a perfect expression of this dual savoir-faire. Infinitely more than just a timepiece equipped with the most complex of all complications, the watch asserts at first glance the elegant jewellery personality exuded by the Divas’ Dream collection. A slender 18kt pink gold case flowing into voluptuous flared lugs, all enhanced by a brilliant-cut diamond setting; an 18kt pink gold crown set with a facetted diamond. The deep brown gold-specked Urushi lacquer dial, crafted in harmony with the finest Japanese artisanal traditions, also proclaims the Maison’s roots in the most refined handcrafted skills.

Until now, this watch has been part of a collection that has consistently displayed its potential for countless variations on the theme of artistic crafts and elegance. A closer look, however, reveals that this particular model is graced with a new element not seen on previous versions. Nestling on the side of the case is a reminder of the fan motif, also set with diamonds and offering a subtle indication that this Divas’ Dream has a new story to tell.

The story of a jewellery creation hosting the ultimate horological complication: the Minute Repeater. This unexpected and exquisitely feminine symbiosis is embodied by a tiny 18kt pink gold and diamond petal serving to slide the striking mechanism. While fitted with hands displaying the time, the model will also chime the hours, quarters and minutes thanks to its dainty Manufacture Bulgari Finissimo movement, the thinnest in the world. It enables the Divas’ Dream Minute Repeater to maintain a 37mm diameter entirely suited to this jewellery exuding finesse in every detail.

Jewellery radiance, supreme complexity, masterful artistry… A tuneful array of rare qualities for a creation that is equally uncommon, since the Divas’ Dream Minute Repeater will be issued in an exclusive five-piece limited edition.

A legendary crimson red bird, reborn after being consumed by flames… The Phoenix symbolises the cycles of death and resurrection while epitomising timeless nobility. The brightly coloured feathers of the motif adorning the new Divas’ Dreams by Bulgari surrounds a fascinating tourbillon mechanism.

Divas’ Dreams draws inspiration from the permanent of the beauty of Rome, and in particular from the motif adorning the mosaics of the Caracalla thermal baths.

Reinterpreted in an extremely modern manner, to the point of becoming a Bulgari emblem, this geometric yet flowing petal-shaped pattern perfectly matches the round case of the watch, imbuing it with a sensuality naturally evoking the muses that continue to inspire the Maison.

Divas’ Dreams Phoenix embodies the quintessence of this line. Its elegant case surrounds a watch mechanism every bit as slim and delicate as the partially openworked and entirely hand-painted dial intricately depicting the phoenix alongside the ardent flames. Applying the colours calls for three full days of meticulous craftsmanship. Its vivid, flamboyant colours – ranging from red to orangey to yellow in subtly graded shades – make a delightful contrast with a scattering of blue accents. The legendary bird also appears around the inner rim of the slim 18kt pink gold case topped by a diamond-set bezel. It literally rests on the tourbillon mechanism, whose perpetual motion is entirely visible.

This splendid creation with its refined blend of artistic crafts is issued in a strictly limited 50-piece edition.

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