19 October 2016

Shades of Grey

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A pictorial of new Hublot Classic Fusion Racing Grey dials

Can you really be neutral about the color gray? Are there really fifty shades, or is that particular reference exaggerated? Just a few months ago Hublot weighed in on this color conundrum in Geneva when the Swiss watch company unveiled the entirety of its Classic Fusion collection in two different case metals and in four sizes–all with a Racing Grey dial. The idea offers collectors an understated set of timekeepers with dial-case color combinations that some may call on-trend. Coming from a company with so many colorful watches (remember last year’s Big Bang Pop Art collection?) the subdued nature of this collection was a bit of a surprise.

“At Hublot we have very colorful watches,” explains Ricardo Guadalupe, Hublot CEO. “We like to work on different and unique designs, such as the Big Bang Pop Art or the Big Bang Tutti Frutti. At the same time, we decided that the Classic Fusion collection would remain our modern and classy expression of sport- chic.

As these are within Hublot’s Classic Fusion collection, their fashion sense is not supposed to adhere to momentary fads, so their look will transcend–and likely outlast–the recent industry-wide rush to blue dials (which Hublot entered last Spring with its own blue dial sets).
“In fashion and architecture the gray color is still a trendy color,” adds Guadalupe. “This fits all the various styles you can have.”

We’ve gathered the new Classic Fusion Racing Grey pieces within this pictorial and have placed a few of them side-by-side with one of last year’s Hublot All Black models, including one Classic Fusion example, so you can be judge for yourself.

The Racing Grey collection includes watches measuring 33mm, 38mm, 42mm and 45mm in diameter. All but the larger cases feature three hands and a date. The larger models include a chronograph (pictured at right, with Hublot’s HUB1143) or three-hand/date model (HUB1112). The smaller (33mm) size is a quartz model.

But be warned, with two case colors, gray (iW prefers gray to grey when referring to the color itself) really is a dial chameleon. Enjoy the display.

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