12 November 2017

Welcome on board with the Omega Aqua Terra

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15 years ahead and the Aqua Terra remains one of the pillar collections at Omega, the reputed Swiss watchmaker.

“Aqua” and “Terra.” These two Latin words not only describe the world beneath our feet, but also the origins of OMEGA’s Seamaster collection. In sea and on land, the famous line has been confidently worn and trusted for almost 70 years. It has been taken from the decks of ships to the floors of oceans. It has travelled across continents and into the collections of the best-dressed people. Certainly, the Seamaster has always been the complete lifestyle watch. So, in 2002, when a new model was created, it seemed perfectly natural to give it a name that represented the heritage and versatility that the Seamaster was known for. Hence, the Aqua Terra was born. 15 years later, it has evolved to become one of OMEGA’s quintessential pieces. Striped across its dial like the decks of luxury yachts, it has the look, and now the proven precision, to take you anywhere you want to go.

The Seamaster Aqua Terra can take you from evenings on shore to mornings on board your boat. So what are the typical design traits that make this watch so versatile for work and play?

Usually, a leather strap or metal bracelet completes the classic Aqua Terra look. For 2017, OMEGA has fine-tuned this area, with each watch made to fit easily around different sized wrists. In both male and female models, the metal bracelets are now better integrated to the case. They include hardened links and a patented screw and pin system. Some models have been built onto a unique rubber strap, with a metal link connecting them to the case.

With its triangular indexes and bold hands, the dial of the Aqua Terra is known for its clean and pure design. Again, this approach is reminiscent of OMEGA’s 2nd generation Seamaster 300 and delivers an easy-to-read layout. In 2017, the simplicity has been taken even further, with less wording and a repositioned date window.

When first launched, the Aqua Terra embraced a fresh new design. Yet, in keeping with the spirit of the brand, it also borrowed inspiration from past OMEGA models. Most notably, its case design featured the classic twisted lugs commonly associated with the Speedmaster Moonwatch and the 2nd generation Seamaster 300. Today, this aesthetic novelty remains a distinguishing feature of the Aqua Terra models, although 2017’s newest cases have been refined for a symmetrical look and include a wave-edged caseback design.

Perhaps the most defining feature of the Aqua Terra is its teak patterned dial. The captivating stripes are modelled after the decks of luxury yachts and beautifully represent today’s ocean lifestyle. For 2017’s redesign, the pattern now sails horizontally, as opposed to vertically.

A wide selection of new Aqua Terra models has been produced for 2017. Updated both inside and out, OMEGA has transformed the design to give each timepiece an added edge of style and a refreshing new look.

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