24 March 2016

Hublot confirms its leadership on planet football

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UEFA EURO 2016TM year
Hublot is the official football games master
Are you ready to feel the passion?

Hublot declares its love of the beautiful game. With its reputation as the first luxury brand to invest in the game, Hublot has maintained its status as games master for ten years. As an official partner of UEFA EURO 2016, Hublot is beginning the festivities with a series of portraits. When soccer stars describe their EURO game highlights, Hublot shows them at their prime. This campaign echoes the one created for the FIFA 2014 World Cup in Brazil, which commemorated its team of football superstars with a ball designed by artist Britto. With its slogan “WHAT IS YOUR EURO MOMENT?” Hublot has launched a campaign fit for legends, record-breaking players, from the prestigious clubs and championships of the “Hublot Loves Football” world.

For ten years, Hublot has led its established commitment to football year on year. Whether official ambassadors, or friends of the brand, they are all part of the “Hublot Loves Football” world. In 2016, for its third participation in the UEFA EURO, the brand has created a series of one-off, powerful, authentic portraits—ten of which are unveiled today.


“These are the moments that are life changing, where every second, every detail leaves a deep and lasting trace on your senses. Those times which merely need to be mentioned to throw you back into that state of grace, the joy that lives within us forever. These are the moments that Hublot wished to share with its campaign celebrating the personalities that make up its footballing family. Images that show their soul by revealing the highlight of their EURO. Moments that will bring a smile to your face and bring out all the passion for the beautiful game. This passion that unites mankind. As if we were all brought together by one calling, that of football.”
Ricardo Guadalupe, CEO Hublot

10 years in the word of football, 10 faces for 10 moments that will live forever
Their names are Nicola, Roy, Fernando, Xherdan, Kalle, Luis, Rio, José, Lukas and David. They are emblematic figures of football. Referees, players and coaches that make the world move to the rhythm of a ball. We remember their achievements, the goals they scored, victories from penalty shoot-outs, their demonstrations and their emotional outpourings. The power of victory is boundless, it goes through the screen to fill us with the same rejoicing that sweeps across stadiums during competitions. A force that can unite thousands of people around the world with the same feeling.

It is this energy and these unforgettable highlights that Hublot wanted to stage under the lens of Fred Merz. A concentration of positive energy and a wave of emotions to act as a reminder that we can expect more of the same from UEFA EURO 2016. Personal moments, lived individually, the power of which is multiplied by the collective effect of the intensity of a moment.

Ready for a sublime entrance?

“Time is an abstract notion, which is intangible and ineffable. It is transformed when imbued with emotions and turns into a moment you will never forget.”
Ricardo Guadalupe, CEO Hublot

Nicola Rizzoli, rated as one of the best referees in the world. He is one of the 18 officials who will preside over UEFA EURO 2016.
His EURO highlight was the first game of the European Championship that he refereed, between England and France.

Roy Hodgson, coach for the English team.
His EURO highlight was England’s victory over Sweden in the qualifiers for UEFA EURO 2016.

José Mourinho, coach.
His EURO highlight has yet to come.

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