17 May 2017

Bright Horizons lay ahead for the Frederique Constant Group

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The Frederique Constant Group celebrated its Ground Breaking of the second building addition to their decennial Manufacture; bringing a beacon of optimism to the Luxury industry.

The Frederique Constant Group is optimistic and continues implementing its sale-driven strategy with strong themes for both its major brands; “Expand Accessible Luxury” for Frederique Constant and “More Growth” for Alpina. The start of 2017 showed single digit growth for the Group, followed by a great performance during the Baselworld Fair. The Frederique Constant Group will continue to reinforce its role in the market and solidify the confidence of its distributors, suppliers and customers. The brands have a business model that works particularly well in challenging economic times.

Since its inauguration in the late 80s, Frederique Constant has been faithful to its mission, which has been the essential reason for its exponential growth. In 2006, the brand needed to expand their production site and it chose Plan-Les-Ouates to settle in. 3200 m2 divided into four floors where four major departments execute: movement component production, caliber assembly, watch assembly and extensive quality control. State-of-the-art machinery along with expert watchmakers constitute the labor force for Frederique Constant.

In line with the strategy put in place by the Group, President and Co-Founder Mr. Peter Stas wishes to cultivate further growth opportunities. Thus, the idea of expanding the current Manufacture was born. “Our current Manufacture will reach capacity in the coming years and we wish to prepare our manufacturing facilities for the years beyond. The second phase of the Manufacture measures 3000 sqr meters, practically doubling our capacity”, said Peter Stas.

The new addition will take up to 24 months to be completed, it will be set in four floors and will allow for the desired expansion of the main production departments to increase production capacity from 150’000 to 250’000 pieces annually as well as the number of employees that will reach 250, almost doubling today’s headcount.

The new Manufacture will propel the Frederique constant Group into a new future of opportunities, a new era of exploring new technical innovations while upholding the Swiss excellence of watchmaking tradition.

The new Manufacture from the Frederique Constant Group reflects a daring and bold approach. The philosophy behind the Frederique Constant Group has sustained the brands since its creation and the new Manufacture will consolidate that view for the future.

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