10 August 2017

Time to Help

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Carl F. Bucherer has supported The Manta Trust for many years in order to help with the conservation of manta rays. This UK registered charity is committed to protecting and ensuring the survival of the Manta rays, the mysterious and charismatic animals whose survival is being threatened by overfishing, In the summer of 2017, the Swiss watch manufacturer launched a limited-edition timepiece dedicated to the charity for the first time. Part of the sales proceeds of these 188 watches will go to help finance an entirely new kind of research expedition.

Featuring two manta rays on the ridged dial, appearing as though they are surfacing from beneath the ocean waves, each watch is truly one of a kind – a unique engraving on the back of the case depicts the pattern on the stomach of a specific individual manta ray captured on camera underwater by Manta Trust CEO Guy Stevens and his team. The identification number is engraved underneath it. This number acts as an access code to a website where the new owner can bestow a name upon this real manta ray.

A Limited Edition Timepiece for a Good Cause
The new Patravi ScubaTec Manta Trust features an automatic helium release valve, making it perfectly equipped for dives of up to 500 meters. The luminescent indices and hands round off its distinctly sporty look and ensure that it is easily readable underwater. “We are proud to be a partner of the Manta Trust. With the new Patravi ScubaTec Manta Trust edition, we are paying tribute to the admirable work of Guy Stevens and his team,” says Sascha Moeri, CEO of Carl F. Bucherer. “By purchasing this model, watch connoisseurs not only become the proud owner of a truly unique timepiece, they also contribute to the conservation of manta rays.”

First Research Expedition of Its Kind
With part of the proceeds from the sale of this watch, Carl F. Bucherer will finance an entirely new kind of scientific expedition, during which data will be gathered that will help to protect the habitat of the manta rays. In August 2017, a team will spend two weeks out at sea monitoring the manta ray population in the waters surrounding the Maldives to analyze their habitat use and feeding habits, as well as the planktonic prey on which the mantas feed. The information gathered will be essential for ensuring the survival of the species. The project’s financing will enable the recorded data to be gathered using cutting-edge science, contributing significantly to research findings about how manta rays live and feed. This financing will also aid in the expansion of a database containing over 4,000 recorded individual manta rays in the Maldives, thereby contributing to the wider research being undertaken by the Manta Trust.

Guy Stevens, CEO of the Manta Trust, is delighted to strengthen the organization’s partnership with Carl F. Bucherer. “We can only introduce more effective protective-area measures for manta rays once we have identified the areas of critical habitat use for this species. Thanks to the support Carl F. Bucherer is providing for our research project on the Maldives this summer, we have the opportunity to make significant progress toward our goal – ensuring a sustainable future for manta rays by protecting and preserving healthy and diverse marine ecosystems.”

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