26 October 2018

Constellation, OMEGA’s symbol of unrivalled precision in watchmaking

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With a name inspired by the stars above us, it has sought to redefine the standards by which we measure time and has always done so with elegant beauty and class.

This year, the Constellation takes its next step in design and technology, offering 101 new models for women which not only offer exceptional variety, but also the excellence of precision that this family of watches is known for. In the 29 mm models, mechanical supremacy is delivered through the inclusion of an OMEGA Master Co-Axial movement, assured by the 8 strict tests that every Master Chronometer certified watch faces before it leaves the factory.

Yet for this entire new line, it is the outward craftsmanship that truly stands out. The refined makeover has touched upon almost every part of the iconic design, while still keeping the central “Manhattan” look that has been a firm favourite for more than 36 years.

When the Constellation was born
The OMEGA Constellation was introduced to the world in 1952, yet its origins began some four years earlier. To celebrate the brand’s 100-year anniversary in 1948, OMEGA released its first chronometer-certified wristwatch with an automatic movement. This model, named the “Centenary”, was greeted with such delight by connoisseurs of precision, that OMEGA recognised the need for a fully-established collection with the same official status.

Four years later, the Constellation arrived. This moment marked the first time that any brand had created a family of watches that consisted only of chronometers. The certified excellence was a huge signal of intent and undeniably proved the brand’s dedication to accuracy.
Of course, the look was quite different to the one we see presented in 2018. But even today, our new models remain true to some of those early characteristics, such as the elegant design, uncluttered round dial and the application of a diminutive gold star.

Observatory under the stars
Since 1952, the Constellation collection has been symbolised by the inspiring “observatory under the stars” medallion on the case backs of many models. Its meaning has deep significance within OMEGA and also has a modern interpretation that is truly relevant to the brand today.

The story begins in 1933, when OMEGA achieved a world record for precision at the observatory of Kew-Teddington in England. The company then repeated this achievement in 1936, when it returned to the same observatory and set yet another world record for precision in all categories, an accomplishment that still remains unbeaten.

That may be impressive enough, but in 1945, the Geneva Observatory introduced the “wristwatch-sized” movement category to its annual precision contests, and in the eight years that followed, OMEGA won an incredible six times.

By 1952, when a symbol of precision was required for the new Constellation collection, the OMEGA designers found inspiration from that successful past. Their medallion was created with an observatory cupola reminiscent of the Geneva Observatory, while the eight stars represented those two world re- cords of 1933 and 1936, and the six contests won between 1945 and 1952.
Today, the eight stars have also come to represent OMEGA’s modern achievements in precision, notably the eight tests that each mechanical OMEGA watch must pass in order to become a Master Chronometer. Set by the Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology (METAS), the tests are the most stringent within the industry, proving a standard of precision, performance and magnetic-resistance that is quite unlike any other.

Introducing the 2018 “Manhattan” Collection
With 101 new Constellation ladies’ models being presented this year, there are a lot of details to explore and discover. While the iconic Constellation design has been retained, the collection has received a full makeover with subtle changes found in every angle.

Each of the new 29 mm Constellation models is certified at the Master Chronometer standard. This means an ultimate level of precision, performance and magnetic resistance that is quite unrivalled within the industry.

METAS (the Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology) has officially ensured that Master Chronometer testing leaves no room for doubt. Only perfectly-functioning timepieces with extraordinary levels of magnetic resistance will reach a woman’s wrist.

Four Iconic Women. One Iconic Collection.
For OMEGA, the Constellation is a true jewel in its long history of ladies’ watchmaking. Women from all countries and backgrounds have come to know and love this watch. For many decades, its beauty and precision have been universally adored, with a popularity that has crossed the generations. Therefore, when it came to creating a new Constellation campaign for 2018, OMEGA chose to include not one, but four inspiring women at the heart of the brand.

Cindy Crawford, Nicole Kidman, Alessandra Ambrosio and Liu Shishi all represent the elegant and captivating qualities of the Constellation collection. But just like each individual model, these four ambassadors are unique and talented in their own ways.

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